Friday, February 5, 2010

jan 25 - feb 5

Jan 27 -
Yea, yea.  I know.  I missed more days.  I'm going to tell you right now, it's not happening.  Maybe if I committ to just a pic a day for a week.  Maybe that would help.  IDK?  Anyway...

Sarah's first pair of glasses.  How freakin cute!  She was super excited to get these.  The week and a half between the appt and actually getting the glasses was killing her.  She was asking everyday about them.  She was telling everyone the color too.  Purple tortoise sparkle.  And then of course if they didn't notice right away she'd just stare expectantly at them until they said something.  That's my girl.

Jan 28th - Drawing pictures on my glass storm door in the condensation from their breath.  Thanks kids!

Jan 29th - Not the best pic of me, but I wanted to show off my braids.  Yes, I'm over 30 and yes it is okay for me to still wear pigtail braids!!  It's cute.

Jan 30th - Okay. here's what is really sad about this.  I haven't even taken a whole picture of the new car we got and now I have to show the damage done to the car after a week of owning it.  WTF!!  Our luck is not with cars lately.  I got the estimate and it'll be at least $1,550.  That's not counting the damage they might find once everything is taken apart.  Ouch.  Luckily, we have insurance.  A $500 deductible, but still that's better than the other amount.  This was really my first big accident.  I've tapped the person in front of me before, but never had to file a police report.  Plus, the kids were with me and the guy hit on Aj's side.  If I stop and think about that too long, it really freaks me out.  No one was hurt, both cars were still running.  It coulda been worse.

Jan 31 - Trying out yoga.  First day.  Sarah wanted to try too.  Jon, being Jon, grabbed the camera and took the picture.  I am now pretty sore, but in a good way.

This is the 2nd picture for this day.  Aj was just reading away.  He's one of like four kids in his class that can read.  I'm so proud of him.  Not only can he, but he likes to read too.  I really am lucky.  Both of these kids are turning out pretty damn near perfect so far.  (now I've jinxed myself)  But really, they are really good.  I've just got to figure out what Jon and I did right and keep it up.  I love them both so much. 

Feb 1 - Aj wasn't really feeling this shot, but Sarah was.  I told them I wanted to get good eye pictures and you can see the amount of enthusiasm  from the boy.  Sarah had 3 others, each with a different expression.  She's a ham!  I love it!

Feb 2 -  She really will pose for any picture.  I don't know why we took this, but she held it up and smiled and I took it.  She a very patriotic girl.  Maybe.

Feb 3 - Need to do dishes.  A constant on my to do list.  I don't think I'll ever like doing them.  It's a chore that I've even tried to pass off completely to the kids.  Without much success.  UGGGH!

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  1. You are a few posts behind...I'm waiting patiently though. Have a great week, it would good seeing you last Friday, and talking to you on the phone on Saturday :)