Friday, September 3, 2010

try try again

Yes, I'm going to try this again.  Not sure it'll work, but here we go!

Life has been super busy lately.  Mostly my own fault.  I've decided that Sarah needs to get into anything and everything available to see if she likes it and so far she likes it all.  Right now she is in tap and ballet, kickball, and will start cheerleading next week.  Hopefully my mind doesn't blow up.  AJ is easy right now, it's just Cub Scouts for him.  I've even had to color code my calendar to keep everything from blurring all together. 

I want to try to take pictures like I was.  It may only be a weekly thing, but I'm gonna try.  I think if I can get on here once a week that would be a big accomplishment for me.  How sad is that?  : )   Which pics to post this time?   I guess I could do the kids "school" pics.  I don't order from the school anymore  (I know, Bad Mommy!), because I can take better ones myself.  So, yes, without further ado here are Sarah and AJ's 2010 school pictures.  How Cute??

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