Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Teeth: useful or nuisance?

Yes, I know we need them.   Eating and chewing gum wouldn't be quite the same.  Right now though, I feel like pulling them all out so I won't go through this pain anymore.  I had a temporary crown put in and now they are thinking that I will need a root canal.  That's a new one for me.  Whatever, though.  Just want to feel normal again and not have to remember every 3 hours on the hour to take pain pills.  I don't really like myself all that much when I'm in pain.  My mom even made the comment that I wasn't very funny when I was hurting.  Okay, enough crying.

Sarah is almost done with kickball.  Only one game left this season.  Then she'll only have cheerleading and dance to fill up her time.  Whatever will she do?  I was upset this weekend though, I missed watching her cheer for the first game.  I get to go to the practices and see them there, usually.

AJ is in Cub Scouts now.  Jon had to take him to his first meeting.  Jon is not a fan.  I knew he wouldn't be, but he said he wasn't negative in front of Aj, so I guess that's something.  I get to go to the next meeting.  And probably the rest of them too.  Aj seemes excited though.

Jon's car-fate is still undecided.  Well, not so much undecided as not concluded.  He has to get a new car, he knows he has to get a new car and he's just not doing it.  I think he's decided to wait until he gets back from his Portugal trip, which I guess makes sense for him, but is really an inconvenience for my Momma.  Dear sweet Momma.  I really would be SOL without her.

In conclusion, some things are bad right now, some things are good.  But hey, that's life right? 
I love that they love each other!!
Here is a cute picture to put a smile on your face...

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