Tuesday, March 15, 2011

here we go again, again.

So, I have been reading friends blogs and this has inspired some action on my part.  I figured, hey, I've got some stuff going on I could probably, maybe talk about.  What with this being growing inside me and all.  I want to be like Elizabeth Kartchner and tell you what size the baby is now according to fruit, but I've got no idea.  I will say that week 14 is going well.  It's been nice to feel normal again.  It was weird how right at 12 weeks I instantly felt better.  What I don't like so much...having to get the new clothes.  Yes, I know that there are new cute styles of maternity clothes out there now, but I still feel fat.  It will only get worse, but I'll try not to complain to much.  If you read this though, you may have to put up with the occasional bitch session.  I am going to revamp the look, too.  Not sure what I want to do, but something.  This will work for now.

So the inspiration that I got from my wonderful friends was to get back to scrap booking!!!  Amy keeps bringing all these awesome pages into the store (and I am truly in awe) which makes me long to do something I am that proud of.  And then seeing Amanda's pages on her blog...well...I realized that if she is working and baby sitting and being mommy of 3 and wifey and coming up with all these amazing pages, I can surely make a page here and there.  And type on this blog.  :)  I love that I have friends all around me that are so creative and so inspiring. 

So without further ado, I did do a scrapbook page last night.  A two-pager even!!  It's not the best, but at least it's something.  I used an older Bo Bunny line called Calypso (i think).  I used to subscribe to a kit of the month club.  Each month I would get a box full of goodies.  Some of which I used, most I did not.  This was one of those line that I liked, but wasn't sure how to use it or it just didn't hit me.  When I came across these pictures of my kids and nieces and nephew at the park I saw how well the colors would all work together.  I like that this line uses primary colors, but all in ways you wouldn't expect. 
Here is a shot of the butterflies.  I LOVE using butterflies on my pages.  I used a great Martha Stewart punch, some yellow pattern paper, some of my trusty chestnut roan ink and some yellow Stickles.  Just a touch of adhesive in the center of the butterfly lets the wings become 3D.  

And this shot shows the border punches.  I sat and looked at all this paper so long trying to figure out how to get all these fun colors and patterns to work right on my page.  Layering border punches is always a great idea since you can get a punch of color in a small space.  It's not too overwhelming.  And let me tell you, I was kinda afraid at first to use the red, but I think it worked.  I also used some of the yellow Stickles in the center of the grommet.  So you'd see that instead of the boring paper underneath.


  1. I'm so glad you are blogging again!! I love the layout, you have inspired me to work a two pager. Keep on posting, I love seeing your stuff!

  2. Yea, Erica! You inspire me all the time so I'm glad you feel like scrapbooking again.