Wednesday, April 13, 2011

feeling vinatge-y

Had fun at the antique stores today.  Looking for teacups.  We found one.   But we took some fun pictures.  I might use these for color inspiration soon. :) 
  •  Bright yellows and greens with bright blue
  • melon, mustard and periwinkle (i like that name)
  • more greens, yellow and orange
  • Really pretty turquiose with cream and white and a touch of lime.  :)
It was fun reorganizing some of the shelves so I could get these pics too!

I am super close to finishing my next page.  Another night sitting up with Jon should see it finished.  We'll see if I make it today.  Oh, and here's one last picture from the antique trip.  If I was doing the 365, this would totally be my pic of the day. It just struck me as funny. ;)

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