Sunday, April 17, 2011

here's another one :)

I have had this crate paper sitting on my shelf just waiting.  Waiting for the right pics, waiting for the inspiration to strike.  Waiting, patiently.   Other friends used this line as soon as it came out, but like I said, it wasn't right for me then.  I knew I loved the Snow Day collection right away when I saw it.  And finally the perfect scrapbooking storm hit, a combination of inspiration, the right pictures and time.  I'd had such a slump before this stretch, that it  makes me happy to just get stuff done.  Plus, these pictures, that AJ took btw, were just too cute.  I was also inpsired by a lot of the pages I've seen out there with the paint splatters.  I'm sure I didn't do it the same way everyone else is, cuz mine turned out a bit different, but I like it anyway.  The background paper that I had picked out just wasn't quite right and the paint I think made it perfect.  I may not do it again for awhile though, I hate waiting for paint to dry. 
I had fun making this tag too.  I love using my texture boutique!!  That, a little paint and ink.  I love how much you can change a plain piece of kraft paper into something really cute!

And to top it all off.  Here are some sweet pictures of Jon and AJ playing football in the backyard.  Jon tries his hardest to pass on his sports wisdom to AJ and AJ  tries his hardest to soak it all up.  I love watching them together!
Both of them are making sound effects of a collision.  hee!!hee!!

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  1. I love, love, LOVE this page! Love the paint, love how you offset the papers, and I love the pictures.