Monday, June 3, 2013

Just keep scrapping, just keep scrapping...

I am working away on my kits from last month.  I am bound and determined to use them all up before the next ones arrive.  I'll be posting soon  :).

A couple things I wanted to talk about today...

 1.  I just saw that Echo Park is starting their summer camp up!  It's free and choc full of inspiration.  The only downside is you may end up spending way more money than intended on super cute Echo Park product.  Also, they have awesome badges you can put on your blog.  Love this Foxy one!

   and 2.  I watched today's 213 in 2013 featuring Corrie Jones and was very encouraged.  She had a do-over.  You know, a page you start and think it'll be great, but turns out not so great.  I was glad to see that even the pros have some struggles sometimes.  I thought I'd share my struggle working with my SC Planetarium kit from last night.

So, I had this grand idea that I would have a very neutral base with gold and silver accents and a few pops of red to match my picture.  I kept working away, changing the color scheme during the process (of course) and once I painted the edges of my cardstock with the gold Color Shine, I knew I'd just effed it up.

Ugh.  Definitely not for me.  So I set it aside, went to bed since it was about 1 in the a.m., and started again this afternoon while Becca napped.

I was bummed because my vision didn't turn out like I wanted, but I didn't let it get me down. 

 Is it weird if I was humming "just keep swimming" to myself?   

I knew I still wanted to do that cool light-strand-thingie that I lifted from Wilna Furstenburg, so since I already had the strands glued down, I just trimmed off all the gold around the edges of the gray cardstock and matted it on this nice chevron from My Minds Eye.  Then I started going thru my embellishments and found all these 5th and Frolic die cuts and stickers that worked perfectly.  I even eventually added some Color Shine back into the page.  Also my sewing machine is on the fritz again, so I doodled some stitch lines around the gray cardstock, then added some gray watercolor for a subtle darkening around the edges.

Here is the final page.

Like I said, it was a struggle, but I am very pleased with the result...warped paper and all.  :)

        just keep scrapping.

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. i love your perseverance! i think i may have ripped my page up in a fit of anger :) ok, not really, but sometimes i just say "eh, whatev" and shove it in the scrapbook. way to stick with it, lady, and make something you are proud of.