Friday, April 25, 2014


Yes, I know the title is super ironic considering I'm using technology right now to share this, but just stick with me.

The night started out with so much promise.  No games, no practices, not one thing on our crazy schedule.  One of those rare gems...a free night.  We decided pizza and a movie and some relaxation were perfect for tonight.  So, the food was great.  A meat stuffed delicious mountain of pizza from Papa Murphy's for the kids and a yummy BBQ Chicken one for me.  So good.  We even picked out a movie from Redbox that we could all agree on.  I thought...hey, we have a BluRay player, let's get that since the picture looks so much better.  Everything was going our way.  

We sat down with our popcorn popped ready to bask in the glow of crazy fiction for the next hour and a half.   But much to our dismay, a screen popped up with a message stating our player needed an update.  I tried.  I did the best my little not-tech-savvy self could do.  I downloaded, I transfered, I rebooted (following step-by step instructions provided by the manufacturer) and nothing.  Such a let down.  The kids were looking forward to it.  I even got the little one to sit with me.  

So, now, instead of spending the night all enjoying a movie together, the big ones are online looking at weird Minecraft stuff, the little one is watching her movie and I'm here.  So much for our togetherness night.  Grumble.


I do have some good news about today and technology.  We recently had some pictures taken by my friend and photographer, Amanda Duncan.  She did a "lifestyle" photo shoot.  Which basically means, she followed us around for a couple hours and caught little snippets of our daily life.  So extraordinarily pleased with how they turned out.  And speaking of being together, this shows how we really are, no faking, no (well not too many) poses.  Just us.


Aren't they fun :)  

Thanks for looking!!

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