Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Jan 10-14

Jan 10- AJ is all about drawing and coloring.  Most boys his age will do a little and then they're done.  He could sit and do it for, well I was going to say hours, but maybe one hour.  He's getting better and better at it too.  He does tend to take after me and Sarah though and add butterflies and flowers to some of his pictures.  Usually when he's drawing scenery.  He sees the pretty things in life.  Then he'll turn around and draw a dragon w/ blood and fire everywhere. 

Jan 11- Homework.  That is one word that I thought I wouldn't have to worry about once I was done with school.  Nope.  Now I have to make sure the kids do thier homework.  Plus, trying to explain all of it to her, makes me feel like a retard.  AJ's is a bit easier.  But, if I'm having this much trouble w/ 3rd grade, I don't want to think about future grades.  Yikes!
Jan 12- So, my van died.  A nice big puddle of foamy pinkish fluid on the ground the testament to it's demise.  The mechanics said that something ruptured and now some fluids are where they never should be.  I really do have the worst luck with cars.  This is the loaner from the mechanic.  It makes me feel like a little kid trying to climb up into it to drive.  Amy, called it my Tonka truck.  :)   We're going to look for a new car.  Not van, car.  It's cheaper, get more gas mileage, and I've not had the best luck with vans.  Hopefully, it'll work better!

Jan 14th - I took two photos this day to make up for missing a day.  This is Colton.  He is just the happiest, most smiley baby I've ever met.  He's teething now, if you couldn't tell.  I know my babies were good, but he just about puts them to shame.  He's also freakin' adorable. 
I had everyone over, everyone being Amy, Marnie, Amanda and Adrianne.  We were supposed to scrapbook, but really didn't get anything accomplished at all. 
Other than oohing and awwing over Colton.  I love being able to get together with my friends.  And even though some crappy things had to happen for us to be able to spend time like this, I'm likin' this time.  It's more laid back, less about what needs to be done @ work and more about who sucks @ work.  We just talk.  I was talking to Amy and realized I've not had a group of girlfriends like this since probably 6th grade.  They all make me smile.  I'm so glad I found them.

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