Tuesday, January 19, 2010

jan 8-11

So taking pictures everyday is not as easy as it sounds.  I'm writing this post 10 days or so after taking this picture.  It's a challenge to remember to do it everyday.  I've only missed two days, but still.  I'm trying to switch it up and not just take pictures of my family.  I may end up reverting to that soon though.

Jan 8-Today was our snowy day.  I think we ended up getting 6+ inches.  It was really beautiful coming down.  I could see this tree from our front porch.  The snow resting on it here and there.  So pretty.  Cold, but pretty.

Jan9- Everyday after school, I pick up Elizabeth with the kids.  We have an extra 10 minutes in the car, which is ususally the time I like to just relax before the onslaught.  I always have coloring books or something to do in the car for her.  As much as I love her, that girl can talk!!  I'm sure it's thanks to her momma.

 Jan 10- A little more snow on top of our plentiful amount.  Jon is an expert shoveler.  I try to help out and you'd think living in norther Michigan all those years would help, but no.  Mom always just drove the car over the snow a bunch of times.  There were a few times when I remember shoveling, but not many.  He will get so much snow off the driveway that it'll melt and you can see pavement.  I just push off as much as I can. He even shoveled before he got the paper today!  Wow.

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