Sunday, January 3, 2010

Okay, so yes it's been awhile sinced I've blogged.  I've decided that this is the year I remember everything.  I may not blog everyday, I may not have a lot to say when I do write, but I'm committed.

I'm starting the project 365 this year.  I'm hoping to not only keep track of my days through the pics, but also to improve my photographic skills.  I'm hoping.  I'm also going to be posting my pics here and writing bits and pieces about them.  So here goes...

Jan 1
Self portrait.  Sarah and me.  We took several pictures on the first day of 2010, but this one just captures my little girl.  Well, I guess not so little anymore.  This is just one of her many faces, of which she can pull out and use at anytime, without warning.  She cracks me up.
Jan 2
I always try to remember exactly how I'd set up my Christmas decorations the year before, and finally realized that I had a camera and could keep track of things like that.  This was what my table looked like before all the Christmas stuff was packed away.

Jan 3
Sunday brunch.  Something I always loved when I was growing up.  I decided since I was off work for most of the kids break and only cooked-cooked breakfast once, I'd do a nice one on their last day.

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