Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Done with March

The month and the kits :) 

I got two more pages done with the Gossamer Blue kit this month bringing the total for this kit to 6!!  This month's kit was so fun with all the bright colors.  I had a blast using it!

Page 5

I meant to journal all this before I actually took the pictures, but got a little ahead of myself.  It will basically say that we stopped for a bite to eat on our way out for my birthday and got silly.  That tends to happen a lot with us.  Love it.

The only thing I added to this were the red letter stickers and the glitter Thickers.  The rest all came from the kit.  :)

Page 6


So, I know Lent is over, but I wanted to do a page about one of the things I gave up.  I had this pic from a get together (we always have too much candy) and knew it would work great with the bright colors from the kit.  The design came from a Marcy Penner sketch I'd seen awhile ago.  Not sure when, I just know it was hers.  Once I'd decided to split the page like she did, I knew I wanted to add in the ruffle using the tissue paper packaged with the kit.  I think this might be a thing I do...try to include a ruffle on one of my pages every month.  I love ruffles and I might as well reuse the tissue paper.  Lord knows I have enough here already and don't want to just throw it away.

So, there you go.  I can't believe how many pages I got done this month!  And I thought I did good last month.  I wanted to show off to my family, so I hung them all in the dining room.  Maybe that should be another monthly tradition.  :)

It's really a lot of pages.  Happy, happy me!!

Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. Way to go! It looks awesome seeing them all hanging together.

  2. Waaaaay impressed! Gorgeous layouts :)