Sunday, April 14, 2013

March Project 12

I waited until the last minute to get this posted.  Hello, my name is Erica, and I'm a procrastinator.  :)

Anyway, when I started my layout this month, I had no idea what paper or embellishments I wanted to use.  None.  I spent probably an hour looking through the tons of paper I have and getting "kits" together. Then another hour trying to decide which kit to use.  I almost gave up.  I went back and forth so many times my brain got whiplash.  Finally, I decided that I wanted to use a cute Dear Lizzy paper from her 1st line with little Easter eggs all over it.  I based my color scheme off that paper and just went with it. 

Now, you may ask, all of this based on that one little strip of egg paper?  But, there will be an 8x8 insert about Easter that will have quite a bit more of that paper.  Well, it will when I get it done.  :)   

My layout turned out a little greener than I thought it would, but since it's March, I was okay with that.  

I hadn't really planned on doing the confetti pocket behind the title, but once I started stitching the vellum down, I thought it'd be fun.  I like how it turned out, but I didn't like all the punching.  My hand started to hurt after a bit.  

Once that was done, I started trying to decided what letters to use for a title.  And what goes better with green then gold?  So I finally got to use my gold glitter thickers! I love, love, love these!

In the other pockets I scrapped about St. Pat's Day, going to my nieces birthday and Becca's first solo attempt at spaghetti.  She loved it btw.  

The top pics are from the last storm Indiana threw at us.  It's almost spring and we get 8", the most we've had all winter, dumped on us in a day.  Of course we had a snow day, which the kiddos loved.  Even Jon got a snow day, so they had some fun outside.  

Our Spring Break was this month.  We try to hit the zoo every spring break.  It was really cold this year, but the kids didn't care and Becca had a blast!  

The last pic is what the kids came down to Easter morning.  I used a pre-lined card for my journaling and am now seeing that the lines were a bit close together.  I got all my journaling in this block, but it's not so easy to read.  I might have to redo that one...we'll see.

I will post the little insert when I finish it and show how it looks all together.  

Thanks for stopping by  :)

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