Friday, March 29, 2013

Use it or lose it

So far, I've not gotten as many pages done with my kits as I would like.  I've done four, two from each kit, but I want at least four from EACH KIT EVERY MONTH.  That was my challenge to myself when I signed up for these kits.  If I was going to spend the money, I had better use the suckers! If I don't reach my goal for two consecutive months, I am stopping the subscriptions.  I couldn't justify it, you know?

 I keep getting trying to add more and more projects on top of what I already intend to do.  I want to do it all, but I just can't.  Well, not and actually have a life that includes coming out of my basement.  I keep seeing so much inspiration on blogs and in the galleries and wonder how people find the time in their days to get it all done.  If I focus on creating a project, the dishes suffer.  If I try to catch up on blogs (or blogging), Becca watches Umi Zoomi for longer than she should.  If I stay up late to get my creativity out of my head, the next day I suffer, from lack of sleep.  How do you make it all work??  I'm sure there is a lot of advice out there on how I could manage my time better and how to do five things at once, but I think the solution is extending the number of hours in a day.  That wouldn't mess up the rest of the world or anything and would really help me out.  Okay, okay, maybe not.  Maybe I should learn to prioritize my projects, maybe it'll be okay if the dishes sit for a little longer, maybe it'll be okay if everything doesn't get done right this second or even today. Maybe I should stop stressing about it and just live.  Oh, wait.  There.  See?  If I ramble long enough, I can usually answer my own questions.

Now that I am done with my whining, I will post what I've done so far.  I had tried with the 1st kits to use only what was sent in the kit.  With these kits, I am adding things in left and right.  What's the point of my stash if I can't use it??

 Here are the layouts from the Gossamer Blue kit:

This 1st page is one of the two I entered in the Glitz design contest, using mostly what was in the kit.  I also posted this one already, but it's fun and pretty.  :)

This page was based on a member scraplift challenge.  So fun to browse through what everyone had posted and see all the amazing talent!! I chose a layout by Jill Keller.  She has great layouts.

Here are the layouts for Studio Calico:

So, this kit came with a mask and mist.  The mist I was okay with, but the mask is a little challenging for me.  I NEVER use them.  Don't really know why, I definitely like the results.  A little messy, just like me.  :)

I started thinking about how modern/cool/hip the masks design was and immediately thought of this pic of my brother.  You know, since he's playing Magic and it's so cool.  (sarcasm alert!!)  Though, who am I to judge when I have thousands of pieces of paper in my basement?  I wanted the layout to reflect the mask, though, hence all the geometric shapes and bold patterns.

There you go.  I will post the others as soon as I can get them done.  And I am going thru and doing a small spring cleaning in my scrap area and will show where I work soon.  

Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. Love what you did with the mask in Magic Man! You rocked both of those kits!!

  2. Thanks @mk!! It always helps to get a boost of confidence. :)